Ejection reports need to be filed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This is reminder that when an official ejects a player or coach from a contest they are to file an ejection report with the NAIA within 48 hours. The sooner the better as teams may have a contest the next day.


1.     If a Red Card is issued there is no need to send this report to the NCAA.

a.     Click HERE for the proper  link:

b.     Can also use

2.     If a player is ejected for receiving a caution and then a 2nd card in the same game the proper rule reference is:

a.     12.5.8- Receives a second caution in game, 1 yellow card + 2nd card (RED)

b.     Several Referees are listing Rule 12.8 Accumulated Cautions as the reason for ejection. This would be the used if the number of yellow card received by a player during the season reaches five.

Note:  It is not possible for any player to accumulate more than one yellow card (caution) in a single game.

These items are extremely helpful to the administrators of the schools so they may deal with the situation properly.

You may access this by clicking on the FORMS/REPORTS Tab on the black bar.

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