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  • 5/15/2020

    Registration for NAIA soccer officials usually opens on May 15th. However, with uncertain times the opening of registration will be delayed.

    Please check back later and when it does open, you will be notified if you registered last season.

    Stay safe and stay healthy.

  • 11/8/2019

    1 - A player fouls an opponent and is shown the yellow card for the foul. The opponent is injured and is treated on the field. He may stay on the field since he was injured as a result of a foul which was punished with a card. TRUE/FALSE

    2 - A player kicks an opponent in the chest in a reckless manner while challenging for the ball. The referee is unsure whether to caution or eject the player and decides to utilize video review. This is permissible. TRUE/FALSE

    3 - The maximum length of the coaching area is 20 yards. TRUE/FALSE

    4 - Coaches may leave the coaching area to relay tactical instruction. TRUE/FALSE

    5 - A player who is substituted for in the first overtime period may play in the second overtime period. TRUE/FALSE

    6 - Field players must always re-enter the game from the halfway line on the bench side of the field. TRUE/FALSE

    7 - For the sake of officials' jurisdiction, the locker rooms and parking area are considered part of the site of competition. TRUE/FALSE

    8 - The halftime interval begins when both teams have left the field. TRUE/FALSE

    9 - Play is stopped for an injury while a field player from white has possession of the ball. The correct restart is a IFK for white. TRUE/FALSE

    10 - A player taking a penalty kick plays the ball backwards. The correct restart is an IFK for the opposing team. TRUE/FALSE

  • 10/15/2019

    It is imperative that Referees follow the correct process when an ejection for fighting or referee assault is issued.  Games have been protested because the referee crew failed to follow the proper on-field notification requirements.  The player(s), head coach(s) and official scorekeeper must be informed that an ejection for any fighting or referee assault offense; at the time the offense occurs.  The official scorekeeper once informed shall record on the official box score form, that an ejection for fighting has been issued.  
    A fight is defined as a deliberate strike or punch or an attempt to strike or punch another player, official, coach or bench personnel.  These acts include but are not limited to, kicking, head-butting, hair pulling or an open-handed strike if done deliberately and in a malicious manner.
    When determining a fighting offense vs a violent behavior offense referees should use the following considerations:
    -Complete disregard of the danger to opponent?
    -Puts an opponent in a dangerous situation?
    -Clearly endangering the safety of an opponent?
    -Shows clear malice?
    -Severity of Action / Length of suspension 
    Referee assault is defined as physical contact with game officials or any threat of physical intimidation or harm.  These acts include, but are not limited to, pushing, shoving, spitting, kicking, throwing at or attempting to make physical contact.
  • 10/8/2019

    Please click the link to view Managing Mass Confrontations.

  • 9/12/2019

    Please click HERE to view a clinic presentation on "How to DertermineFighting in Soccer" presented by Todd Abraham.

    The need for all officials to be on the same page for this issue is extremely important. When a player has been determined to be fighting this takes them off the field for more time and could have even more severe ramifications later in the season. 

    Please take some time to view this educational material.

  • 8/27/2019

    Please click the link to view HYDRATION BREAKS INFORMATION.


  • 8/5/2019

    Please click the link to view 2019 Preseason Playing Rules Reminder.

    Educational Video on Soccer Protests.

    NOTE: A difference in the presentation is that if a protest for an NAIA game it must be submitted on THIS FORM and not sent to the NCAA.

  • 8/2/2019

    To complete your eligibility to officiate NAIA Soccer, the following must be completed:

    1. Register - Complete before September 1st as fees increase.

    2. View Preseason Clinic by September 1st (must be registered to access). (link)

    3. Complete NAIA Preseason Test by September 1st. (link)

  • 5/15/2019

    Please click the REGISTRATION tab at the top of the page to begin.

    If you would like more information about NAIA Soccer Registration please CLICK HERE for a brief clinic.

  • 4/25/2019

    Please click the link to view 2019 Major Rules Changes.

  • 1/15/2019

    Left to Right: Ben Trevino, Brian Bauer, ChrisRomaca, Riannon Harrison-Daugs, Abdu Bensalah, Bryan Auten, Brian Martin, Besnik Rexhepi

  • 12/1/2017


    Since 2009, the NAIA has had standards for behavior during all NAIA competition included in its policies and bylaws.

    The NAIA tracks ejections in all sports and we want to thank you for “making the call” and reporting the information.

    As officials of the NAIA, your role is vital as you have the opportunity to shape the lives of young people by insuring that ethics, sportsmanship and fair play remain important factors during competition. We ask that you continue to enforce the expectations of the NAIA by the following:

    Enforce a “zero tolerance” rule on profanity in NAIA competition. NAIA officials will be expected to apply penalties (e.g., personal fouls, yellow cards) to any participant (player or coach) in NAIA competition.

    Game officials must submit an ejection report through the NAIA National Office when an ejection of a coach or student-athlete occurs during a contest.Make the Call: Officials Role in Competition

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